HighCamp Celebrates 5 Years

HighCamp turned 5 last week!

We’ve accomplished many amazing things in the past five years.

I’m proud of our track record of 100% client retention since inception. We launched as a client focused boutique, and remain that way today. And our industry leading track record reflects that.

I’m proud of our clientele base of top tier private fund managers. The days of being a compliance generalist are gone. We knew that in order to offer a unique client experience, we had to focus on one demographic and do it really well.

I’m proud of our sustained, manageable growth. We hire and then grow, rather than the other way around.

I’m proud to remain independent, 100% employee owned, and lead by a gender balanced leadership team. It also unfortunately surprises me how rare this is today.

Most importantly, I’m extremely proud of the team, who can work anywhere but have chosen HighCamp. They have a great deal of expertise and are individuals who remain committed to adding value to our clients and building upon our unique story.

I’ve been thinking some about what it took to get here – what’s worked and what hasn’t, and I think pretty much everything I’ve learned boils down to this: focus on doing good work. Focus on that and don’t let the other distractions take away form it. If you do good work, and make all your decisions based on how that decision will impact your work product, the other stuff falls into place.

Cheers to the next 5,



About HighCamp Compliance

HighCamp is a boutique compliance consulting and outsourcing firm helmed by former SEC examiners, CCOs and proven consulting professionals. HighCamp specializes in regulatory compliance and operational support for SEC-registered private equity, real estate, venture capital, hedge funds and institutional alternative managers. HighCamp is 100-percent employee owned, with a gender-balanced leadership team. The company has locations in New York City (Metro), Los Angeles, Denver, Milwaukee and Bozeman.

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