Integrated FCA Compliance Services

We understand that navigating both SEC and FCA compliance landscapes can be a complex challenge. That’s why we’ve partnered with Judd Advisory, a leading UK firm specializing in FCA compliance. Together, we have built a unique and powerful solution while preserving the boutique relationship to solve your SEC and FCA compliance needs.

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Judd Advisory

Judd Advisory’s senior team comprises former in-house compliance staff and accomplished regulatory consultants with over 45 years’ of experience. Their firm answers the multi-jurisdictional needs of our clients and provides the convenience of working with a single team of experts in specific regulatory jurisdictions.

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Services Tailored to Your Needs

We offer a comprehensive range of FCA compliance services, meticulously designed to meet the unique needs of your business:

FCA Authorization Project Management

Unlimited Telephone and Email Consulting

FCA Compliance Framework

Periodic Meetings and Compliance Reviews

Annual Employee Compliance Training

FCA Connect Applications and Notifications

FCA RegData Filings

Annex IV Filing Advice

Marketing Material Reviews

FCA Examination Support



How do HighCamp and Judd Advisory execute an integrated compliance program?

There are fundamental synergies between multi-jurisdictional compliance programs, and by leveraging our collaborative solutions we can build and support more effective global compliance programs. We work collaboratively to ensure both regulatory regimes are addressed. Clients have direct access and receive direct support from the necessary team when warranted. Each client with an integrated compliance program has a relationship manager who coordinates our combined resources to provide best advice.

We love the idea of an integrated program but also expect to consult with the respective experts on nuanced questions.

Clients get unlimited access and interactions with both SEC and FCA consultants on matters that necessitate technical knowledge. Each client’s relationship manager ensures that the right expertise is allocated as required.

How is this different than other global consultancies that have multi-jurisdictional service offerings?

HighCamp and Judd Advisory leadership have a lengthy tenure working together. We are both passionate about improving the client experience, and that includes building a coordinated global servicing offering. Both HighCamp and Judd Advisory are employee owned and provide only regulatory compliance services. This enables us to focus on the best outcome for our clients based on technical expertise and providing a seamless experience for our joint clients. Part of your relationship manager’s role is to ensure we are easy to do business with — be that efficient access to the best technical advice, scheduling a meeting with the right people, or making sure your agreement and invoicing are correct.

Will this cost less than engaging HighCamp and Judd Advisory separately?

Yes. Engaging HighCamp and Judd Advisory through our strategic partnership typically includes a cost savings because we are able to leverage each other and reduce duplication that arises from separate engagements.

It also includes material time savings for our clients. For example, when undertaking a joint compliance review, we need only send one document request list; or when seeking compliance advice, we can provide a response that covers both UK and US expectations in a single e-mail or phone call.

Can we engage HighCamp and Judd Advisory separately?

Yes, you can engage with HighCamp and Judd Advisory separately.

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